YOUTH Coaching Courses Available

We will host Youth I and Youth II coaching courses on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the OCSA complex. This is the rare opportunity to complete both courses and get both certificates in one day. For any SWSC coaches that take these courses, the club will pay for your register to take these courses. SWSC wants to encourage all of its coaches to get more education so as to be better able to teach this game to our kids. Just contact Allen at 910-376-0499 to inform him of your intentions to take the courses and then please go to the link below to register online for the courses:

REGISTER - https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/ncysa/school/cgi-bin/directory.cgi

For more information on each of the courses, please go the link below:

YOUTH I - http://www.ncsoccer.org/docs/education/youthOneDescription.pdf
YOUTH II - http://www.ncsoccer.org/docs/education/youthTwoDescription.pdf

NEW SWSC Coaching Lesson Plans - CLICK HERE

North Carolina Youth Soccer Association Risk Management Application

NORTH CAROLINA Medical Consent / Waiver of Liability and Release

COACHING LICENSE COURSES AVAILABLE - Various Coaching Courses for Licensing that are available will be posted HERE. SWSC encourages all coaches and future coaches to participate in furthering their learning and expertise. Please make the time to attend the course needed for your level.

Coaches, do not practice with goals that are not tied or anchored down. All goals need to be secured to the ground before use!
The following links on Goal Safety are being made available for your enlightenment:
Anchored For Safety AND Goal Safety Booklet from Kwick Goal


In the pursuit of its commitment to excellence, SWSC is heavily dependent on members willing to share of themselves. If you are interested in volunteering your time as a coach, manager, assistant coach, or in any other way, please contact: TBA.

To all SWSC Coaches: Thank-you for your commitment. The information contained on this page is for you. Each year new volunteers become coaches / managers for the first time, and each year some leave. Regardless of your experience as a coach or manager you have probably learned something that would be invaluable to a new coach. Please network with other coaches / managers and share your ideas. Also, use the links provided here to help generate new ideas for practices and game strategies.


Need some New Drills?, Exercises?, Tips? for practices. How about pointers on game strategies? The following links could help. Check them out !!

NSCAA - National Soccer Coaches Association of America
FLASHDRILLS - advantage training
Better Soccer, More Fun
Tip of the Day
Exercises of the Day
Soccer Drills
Bruce Brownlee.com
eteamz - soccer
Jeff Pill's Online Drills
Online Coach's Manual

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